Nurturing parents' minds to ease the transition into parenthood

Helping parents have a positive childbirth and parenthood

14 days free access, all sessions included

Group Mindset Coaching for parents

Confident Childbirth

Hypnobirthing Course

The Hypnobirthing Course will teach you how to have a positive childbirth experience. Not saying that it is guaranteed to be pain-free, but you will learn tools and techniques that are designed to help you have a more confident and comfortable childbirth.

  • Learn to make informed & confident decisions
  • Relaxation techniques for pregnancy, labour and beyond
  • Self-hypnosis for childbirth and sensation management
  • Anxiety support
  • Evidence-based techniques 
hypnobirthing transition into parenthood

Group Mindset Coaching

Balanced Life in Parenthood

Be the best version of yourself, to feel confident being a role model for your children.

Life as a parent is busy! And we tend to let go of ourselves to give more to our children. In doing this, we are not showing what we would like our children to aspire to.

This group mindset coaching is for those parents who want to gain their confidence, do what they love and feel energised.

If you want to wake up in the morning excited about your life; then this group is just for you.



Group sessions

Learn and practice in the confidence of the selected group. 

Inclusive Group

Affordable so that even on tough times, we leave no parent behind. Only £5/month


Explore your purpose

parenthood makes us challenge and doubt core beliefs. In this course you will be able to explore and find clarity for your purpose

Become a confident parent

Be the role model you want for your child/ren, being present today.

121 support

Book a 30′ Consultation to work 121 with Laura, the founder

Birth Trauma

Perinatal Anxiety


parenthood transition

miscarriage & baby loss





Happy clients



Taking the hypnobirthing course with Laura was fantastic! She gives you tools so that you can go to labour without fear and with great confidence that everything will be fine. It teaches you different types of meditations and breaths. It helped me transform fear into other sensations. They are tools that serve you beyond childbirth, for your life! Thanks, Laura!!!


My anxiety is almost gone, I am doing things I would have avoid before. I am more calm at home and the audios have been very helpful. Thank you!


This is the course I should have taken with my first pregnanct, but glad I now.

It transformed how I felt about childbirth. I have learned so much about myself and it gave me the confidence to have a fearless childbirth.

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