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Supporting Parents 


Mind the Parent is born with to solve a big issue in parenthood, and that is addressing the strong emotions and the identity change that comes with parenthood. 

Science is teaching us how the brain, of both mothers and fathers, changes. This is one of physical, unseen changes individuals undergo when becoming parents. 

Who do we help parents?

By giving you tools to navigate strong emotions, 1:1 support and programmes to not get lost, keep moving forward towards your goals and be the rolemodel you have always wanted for your children. But also, we provide coaching & therapeutic support to help you feel better. Find your community of supportive fellow parents in Mind the Parent.

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Our Mission

To be a recognized community and programmes provider in the new parents world.

Our Vision

Provide space of individual growth for parents and reduce mental ill health in parenthood.

Laura - Mind the Parent

Laura Abbatangelo

DipCHyp, NLPP, HPD, NCH (Reg)

Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Mindset Coach

I’m Laura the Founder of Mind the Parent


I am happy to see you here! My name is Laura, a mother of 3, living in South London. Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Mindset Coach is what I do; and I have created this special space for parents. To nurture their minds to ease the transition into parenthood. But what does that mean? It means being a guiding hand through some potential turbulent times: childbirth, reconnecting as a couple, understanding your new identity, supporting you at work; and making sure that you navigate this new phase of your life confidently and in your best mental possible mental space.

With more than 15 years of experience in the corporate world (telecommunications, oil industry and transportation); it is since 2012 that I have been coaching people setting them for success. Later on, after becoming a mother myself, with the mental challenges that represents having young children is that I start to spend more time working with new parents or parents to be.

In 2019 a dedicated space for parents is born, shaping into what is now Mind the Parent. We support expectant parents coaching, therapy & hypnobirthing and we offer parents workshops, parental transition coaching, and community.

Areas of expertise

Birth Trauma

Childbirth/ Hypnobirthing



*Member of AnxietyUK since 2020



Baby loss / Miscarriage



Perinatal Mental Health

“The success in the transition into parenthood; will have an impact in the parents’ relationship as well as the children. We can support you to have a positive transition with a positive impact”

How we can work together

1-2-1 Parental Transition Coaching

A combination between Mindset coaching & Hypnotherapy to enable you to achieve what you want. Easing the transition into parenthood; and by your side working on you feeling better.

Hypnobirthing - For Confident Childbirth

You will learn how to feel in control, without anxiety and confident. Because your body knows how to birth a baby, so we will work with your mind to be sure it is confident as well.

Journey to Parenthood Programme

This programme has been designed for couples that want to feel confident in their journey through parenthood.

Parenthood can put extra pressure on couples and navigating the new phase of your life in confidence, and trusting can make a positive difference.

Find out if this programme is right for you.

Courses - Workshops - Programmes

Find a course for your stage in the journey into parenthood.

For example you could find:

📌 Grounding Course for Overwhelm & Anxiety 

📌 Balanced life workshop

📌 Becoming a parent programme.

Happy Parents, Happy New Baby

” It was super emotional, a very positive delivery. I had very strong contractions for two days, and I was applying everything we studied. And great, I even got to sleep one of the nights with all those contractions. I remember the time with a lot of love, my husband and I both very happy and making jokes. In the most difficult moments I had my anchors, and one of the most powerful was the smell of jasmine and my husband. It was amazing, everything was so beautiful and precious. Thank you very much for everything really Laura. The breaths were very helpful, and even during recovery from childbirth”

Eli, London

” Taking the hypnobirthing course with Laura was fantastic! She gives you tools so that you can go to labour without fear and with great confidence that everything will be fine. It teaches you different types of meditations and breaths. It helped me transform fear into other sensations. They are tools that serve you beyond childbirth, for your life and have helped me through postpartum! Thanks, Laura!!!”

Erika, Surrey

” Thank you! I was very scared of childbirth after what I went through with my daughter. My second birth was much better despite of some complications; when thinking about it, I remember about it in a positive way. The resources you gave me worked well, the breathings and audios were extremly helpful”

Sheyla, London

confident childbirth