Group Programme

A balanced life in parenthood means to be mindful of our children’s needs and desires while also taking care of our own; without forgetting our other half.

This programme will give you the tools to feel energised and excited about your life; feeling confident as a role model for your child/ren. 

Full of neuroscience, science backed tools and a supportive group. Next cohort to be announced

balanced life in parenthood

Is this programme for me?

This group programme has be designed for parents that:


✔️Want to feel like they are achieving more with their life 

✔️Feel they need more energy (less scrolling)

✔️Learn some tricks from neuroscience to go after your goals

✔️Want to feel more confident in being a role model (you are already a role model for your child/ren!)

✔️Improve your time management / prioritisation

✔️Be part of a group that will push you forward, whilst keeping you accountable

✔️More time for what you love

✔️ Build new positive habits (work on the ones you always wanted to pursue) 

✔️ Gain skills for life ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



Days Developing New Habits

Weeks To A Balanced Life

Group Of Parents Supporting Each Other

Included in the Group Programme

8 Group Sessions

(The Programme)

1 Individual Coaching Session

(All About You)

Team Up For Success


Exclusive, Habits Tracker

(See Your Progress)

Online Digital Platform Only For Attendees

(Where We Share Wins & Challenges)

Free Early Access To Membership

(Keep in Touch & Build Relationships)

Altogether has a value of +£1300* –> Be Part of February’s Cohort For Only £550.

* When done individually

Part 1 : Intro to Your Mind & Identity Changes

Learn how to apply the Neuroscience to your daily routine. Introduction to the science how we communicate, our new identity as parents. The foundation we are creating for our children

Outcomes: Understand how you experience the world, how to communicate effectively and individual goals. Meet you buddy.


Part 2 : Challenges & reflections

In order to move forward we need to challenge our reality, reflect how far we have came and understand how we want to see our future. 

Outcomes: Understand what a balanced life look to you and what is your ultimate purpose in life

Part 3 : Community

When we start changing individually, we affect our surroundings. How your goals and your view of a role model will shape your present and your relationships?

Outcomes: Habits building, tracking them and affecting your surroundings.


Part 4 : The Future Today

It is time to make make the present your future. Acting as the role model you are and living in confidence.

Outcomes: Feeling that you have everything you need and have a solid plan for your next 12 months

Laura Abba

Laura Abba

Founder – Mindset Coach & Hypnotherapist

With over 10 years of experience as a coach, and specialising in the transition into parenthood since 2019. She is expert in the area and aims to give new parents all the needed tools to have the best possible start to parenthood avoiding mental ill health.  

What's included

⚖️ 8x Weekly Live Sessions: Full with neuroscience, and tools to move you forward.

⚖️ Exclusive Private Group: get the opportunity to discuss wins and challenges in the privacy of a small group.

⚖️ Workbook and Materials: effective material that you find useful beyond the programme

⚖️ 1x Individual Coaching Session: they are all about you, work on the challenges preventing you from having a balanced life

⚖️ Access to Exclusive Digital Portal: Where all the information will be delivered. All in one easy access place.

⚖️ Exclusive Habit Tracker: Accountability to keep you moving forward with your new habits.

⚖️ BONUS: Early, free access, to our membership


Ready to Have the Life you Want?


Join The Next Balanced Life in Parenthood Group Programme

Next date to be announced

  • Programme: 8 weeks
  • Dates: To Be Announced
  • Fee:  £550 per person *
  • Location: Online
  • Involvement: 8 weekly group sessions (60 minutes), group participation. 1 individual session

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